On September 10, 2016, Albert went to a popular college bar near the University of Kansas, called Jayhawk Café, better known as “The Hawk.”  The bar was very crowded that evening, as it was the university’s Family Day Weekend.  While standing in line at the bar, Albert met a young woman (the accuser), and the two struck up a conversation.  They danced together and eventually started kissing.

When Albert invited the young woman back to his apartment, the two left the bar and walked together hand-in-hand.

When they arrived at Albert’s apartment, they laid on his bed and kissed. No clothes were removed and they did not have sex. After receiving a text message and a call from his friend, Albert decided to return to the bar. Albert and the young woman then walked back to The Hawk, where he reunited with his friend, and the young woman found her cousin.


The two were alone in Albert’s apartment for approximately 5 MINUTES.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2016


10:56 PM

Albert & his friend entered The Hawk.


~11:45 PM

Albert and the accuser stood

in line to enter the dance area,

where they started talking. 


~12:04 AM

Albert invited the accuser back

to his home, and she agreed.


12:09 AM

Albert and the accuser left the bar, and walked hand-in-hand down 14th street. 


~12:14 AM

The two arrived at Albert’s apartment, where they kissed on his bed.  


12:25 AM

Albert and the accuser

arrived back at the bar.


12:19 AM

Albert received a text from his friend. 


11:08 PM

The accuser arrived at the bar with her cousin.


11:56 PM

The accuser led Albert by the hand onto

the dance floor, where they kissed.


12:21 AM

 Albert received a call from his friend.


12:17 AM

Albert called his friend,

who was still at The Hawk.


~12:12 AM

The accuser stumbled, jumped on

Albert, and started kissing him. 


12:06 AM

Albert and the accuser start to

make their exit from the bar.


12:31 AM

 Albert called his friend back.

He reunited with his friend, and the young woman reunited with her cousin. 


It takes approximately 5 MINUTES to walk from the Jawyhawk Cafe to Albert's apartment (1340 Kentucky Street). This puts the entire chain of events at approximately 15 MINUTES:


  • 5 minutes walking from the bar

  • 5 minutes in the apartment

  • 5 minutes returning to the bar


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15 minutes sent an innocent young man to jail for 12 years after he was falsely accused of rape