There was no physical evidence of sexual intercourse and the accuser’s timeline didn’t make sense. This should have been a straightforward acquittal. But Albert faced insurmountable odds with an all White jury. If justice were truly blind, Albert Wilson would never have been convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison.


No Physical Evidence of Sexual Assault  

The accuser went to the hospital for a sexual assault exam the morning after the alleged rape. Albert’s DNA was only found on her chest, where he had confirmed kissing her. The rape kit found no seminal fluid or DNA on her clothing or on a vaginal swab. 

An Impossible Timeline

Video surveillance footage from the bar shows that Albert and the accuser left and returned to the bar in a span of 15 minutes, of which only 5 minutes were spent in Albert’s apartment. The alleged attack in such a narrow window of time does not make sense and undermines the accuser’s narrative.

An All White Jury

The racial composition of the jury can have a major impact on trial outcome — especially when the defendant is Black and the accuser is White.  If Albert’s jury were truly a fair cross-section of the community, there should have been minority representation.


No Physical Evidence. Impossible Timeline. 

All White Jury.

What can go wrong?